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Public Swimming Pools

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There are more than 1,200 public swimming pools in Wake  County. These include city, apartment and neighborhood pools.
  • Plans for new or remodeled swimming pools can now be submitted online.  Click the link below to the Permit Portal to begin the application process.

Submittal Guide for Swimming Pools


  • If you are building a new public swimming pool, there is a $250 fee for plan review.

  • All public swimming pool operators must be certified by Wake County and either the National Swimming Pool Foundation or the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association. Contact this office at 919-856-7400 for testing times and information for Wake County certification.

  • Familiarize yourself with State rules and Wake County swimming pool regulations.

  • You should download a copy of the CPO Checklist to find out what you are expected to do to keep your swimming pool operational.

  • Be sure you pay your swimming pool fees each year. The cost for the annual operation permit is $275 and can be paid online.

  • Use the Pool Operator's Pre-season Check List to ensure that your pool is ready for inspection.  


  • During the pool season, if your swimming pool fails the permitting inspection, a $75 re-inspection fee is required prior to a second permitting visit. In order to pay this fee you will need to be invoiced.  Please complete the following steps:
    1. Create an account in the Permit Portal
    2. Call 919-856-7400 and choose Option 8 to speak with an agent to have invoice uploaded to your account.
    3. This fee can then be paid online.



If your pool billing address
has changed, contact
us at 919-856-7400.

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