Looking for a loved one currently being treated by EMS?
Unfortunately, EMS cannot provide information on any person for whom we're providing care due to federal privacy laws. Included in that, we can neither provide nor confirm identity, patient condition or hospital transport destination. We recommend contacting the three hospital systems in an attempt to locate your loved one:

Patient Information is provided only in the form of our standard Patient Care Record (PCR). A PCR is only available to the patient, a legally authorized designee, or an agent in with appropriate documentation in an official investigation.

See Notice of Privacy Practices

View instructions on obtaining a PCR copy

Patient Billing is handled by a third party vendor. 

View patient billing information


When You Need EMS
If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.
If you're able, unlock your door, put away pets, and turn on a porch light.

It is always helpful if you have your personal information, medical history and medications written down before an emergency. It helps determine what emergency care you need if you can't communicate with us, and it helps make sure we record your information correctly.

Download this form, complete it and place it on your refrigerator with a magnet.  EMS responders will know to look there. Make copies so that EMS can take a copy along with them.