Brent Myers, M.D., MPH, FACEP, is the medical director for the Wake County EMS System. He is the sixth medical director for the System, and the first full-time medical director. He is responsible for overseeing all clinical aspects of the EMS System including protocols, certified personnel, continuing education, and Emergency Medical Dispatch.

Dr. Myers began his emergency medicine career as a 16 year-old emergency department technician at Wilkes Regional Medical Center in North Wilkesboro, NC.  His passion for EMS began during interactions with EMTs and paramedics bringing patients to the hospital.  These EMS providers encouraged him to complete his own EMT education, which he did during his freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill.  For the next 3 years, he served as an EMT and crew chief for the Orange County Rescue Squad in Hillsborough, NC.  After completing medical school at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and emergency medicine residency at Carolinas Medical Center, he became the first EMS Fellow at the UNC School of Medicine in Chapel Hill.  He assumed the role of Medical Director of the Wake County EMS System in 2002 and became Director of the Department of EMS in 2008.

Dr. Myers in an internationally recognized expert in Emergency Medical Services, particularly as it relates to evidenced-based performance measures, system design, and care for the patient in cardiac arrest.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP), is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the UNC School of Medicine, and works clinically as an emergency physician with Wake Emergency Physicians, PA.

Dr. Myers envisions an EMS System that is sufficiently skilled and nimble so as to respond appropriately to the variety of emergency medical conditions in our community.  We must be able to do so promptly, compassionately, and in a clinically excellent manner.  In addition, we will prepare our System to care for those with unscheduled, but not emergent, health care needs.  Finally, we will work to improve the health of the population to prevent emergencies from occurring.  These concepts constitute the three “Rs” of our System:  Response for emergencies, Redirection and patient navigation for those with unscheduled health care needs, and Reduction of illness and injury for those with chronic health problems. 

These goals are all accomplished in an environment where data drives decisions and employees are respected and offered opportunities for career advancement.  EMS providers in the Wake EMS System have the opportunity to serve not only as world-class providers of care to individual patients but also as members of tactical, Hazmat/USAR, and bicycle teams.  Additionally, promotional opportunities are available to field-training officer, advanced practice paramedic, training chief, district chief, and other administrative positions.  It remains the commitment of the Department of EMS to place patients’ needs before our own while still maintaining an environment that encourages professional development for our providers.