Dr. Jose Cabanas has been named Director/Medical Director for Wake County EMS.  He will take office in early December 2015. Interim Medical Director Dr. Jefferson Williams will continue to provide all services of the medical director until that time.

The roles and responsibilities previously performed by former EMS System Director and Medical Director Dr. Brent Myers are being split into two separate positions.
The first position will be the EMS Medical Director. In addition to the traditional Medical Director roles and responsibilities, the EMS Medical Director will function as the head of the department and will provide the vision and direction.
The second position will be the EMS Operations Director. The EMS Operations Director will report to the EMS Medical Director with a primary focus on running the department/system. Specific functions are anticipated to be budget, human resources, operational oversight, planning, etc.
Please note that during the interim period the department as a whole is being headed by Interim EMS Director Christopher Colangelo.
The EMS Operations Director position is posted on the Wake County Careers page, which is where the application process is initiated. The first review of applications for EMS Operations Director will be July 6.