​Protocols are written orders from the Medical Director that outline patient treatment options for use by our paramedics and EMTs. The Medical Director of the Wake County EMS System provides our Advanced Life Support personnel with standing order-based protocols. The Wake County EMS System has some of the most progressive protocols in the U.S.

Our protocols are continuously reviewed. Formal revisions are made on an annual basis and must be approved by the Wake County Peer Review Committee and the North Carolina Office of EMS prior to implementation.

Note: The protocols below are for informational use only. Use of these standards and practices must occur within an established EMS system under the direct approval of the system medical director.

 Wake County EMS System Standards and Practice

Updated June 2016

The June 2016 version includes a new Stroke Destination Plan, which is an update from the April 2016 version. 

The Wake County EMS System Standards and Practice document is typically updated annually and takes effect on "tax day" each year. 



Infectious Disease Response Suite


Temperature Measurement Procedure (including touchless)