​The Wake County Emergency Medical Services System has a number of medical control committees. The primary committee is the Peer Review Committee.
Represented on the committee are all the providers who participate in the ALS program, representatives from each of the four area hospitals, representatives from private medical practices, communications centers, and a number of other individuals.
The required functions of this committee under State Rules are: 
  1. Analyze system data to evaluate ongoing quality of patient care and medical direction.
  2. Use information gained from system data to make recommendation regarding continuing education.
  3. Review treatment protocols and make recommendations for change
  4. Establish a written procedure to guarantee reviews of EMS personnel who are temporarily suspended.
The Peer Review Committee meets quarterly the first Thursday of the month beginning in February. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. Medical treatment issues are decided upon by the physician committee members.
The Peer Review Committee has several subcommittees to support its function, including Research, Training, Protocol, Deployment and EMD Quality Improvement. Each committee is chaired by a physician and makes regular reports to the Peer Review Committee members.