High Rise Fire Response.jpg​In 2007, with high-rise development happening throughout the City of Raleigh, Fire Chief John T. McGrath undertook to improve the Raleigh Fire Department's (RFD) ability to manage high-rise incidents. Part of this effort involved providing rehabilitation and rapid intervention medical services closer to the firefighting effort than had traditionally occurred in the city.

Building on the strong working relationship between RFD and Wake County EMS, Chief McGrath and Chief Kirkwood agreed that EMS personnel would be trained and equipped to provide rehabilitation and rapid intervention medical services at the fire Operations Command Post, located two floors below the fire floor. EMS will bring their lifesaving equipment, fluid resuscitation supplies, etc., with them and establish close support for the firefighters.

This tactic will prevent firefighters from having to descend and leave the building to complete rehabilitation or to receive treatment for any injuries they might suffer in the line of duty.