​Wake County EMS has two Training Chiefs who facilitate and maintain continuing education and training for providers of all levels in the Wake County EMS System. 

Chief Mallory DeLuca oversees the Medical Simulation processes in the employment assessment centers, FTEP Simulations and Mobile Simulations. She also oversees the Operational Clearance Process.

Chief DeLuca began work at Wake County EMS in 2004. She has served as Paramedic, FTO, APP fill-in, and most recently District Chief before becoming Training Chief. She earned an Associate's Degree in EMS from Fayetteville Tech, and a Bachelor's in Emergency Medical Care with a concentration in Management.

Mallory DeLuca

Chief Art Davis IV coordinates medical training for fire departments around the county. He also oversees content for EMS System Continuing Medical Education, which is a bimonthly day of class required for all EMS System responders and administrators.

Chief Davis began work at Wake County EMS in 2002. He has a BS in Psychology and Business Management, and he has an MS in Healthcare Administration.

Art Davis IV