The EMS Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring adherence to all sources of governance that affect EMS operations. Larry primarily works with the EMS Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Directors to achieve performance objectives. Larry also manages the health and safety program and respiratory protection program.

Responsibilities include keeping up to date on all applicable regulatory changes at the federal and state level, EMS system plan maintenance, internal policy review, billing contractor oversight and audit, operational safety officer and participation on the municipal risk team. He also participates in the Wake County Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Larry McMillan assumed his role as Assistant Chief – EMS Compliance Officer of the Wake EMS System in December 2019. He joined Wake County EMS in 2017 and is a graduate from the inaugural class of the Wake County Institute of Out-of-Hospital Medicine. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and Safety from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and a Master of Healthcare Administration from The George Washington University.


Larry McMillan