TEMSprotection.jpgThe Wake County Tactical EMS (TEMS) Team was formed in 2004 to provide medical support to the Wake County Sheriff's Office and Raleigh Police Department special enforcement teams.

Tactical medicine focuses on two parts. First is the rapid, on-site medical care to the injured team members, bystanders and suspects, treating them until they can be transported to definitive medical care or until the operation is complete. Second is the general medical support for the team. This involves treating minor illness or injury and advice on food and nutrition, hydration, as well as environmental issues.

Qualified paramedics are selected through an application process. Team members must be off probation and proficient in their EMS skills before they can apply. Once selected, the candidate must complete a rigorous physical agility test and medical screening.
Team members are sent to specialized training, Counter Narcotics Tactical Operation Medical Support (CONTOMS) or equivalent, which includes Entry/Movement, K-9 Emergency Care, Weapons Familiarization, Wounds and Ballistics, and Explosive Entry. After completing TEMS training, members refine their skills with monthly training with each special enforcement team. This creates a close working relationship between the officers and paramedics, which is essential to the success of the operation.

In 2007, The TEMS medics accompanied the Wake County's Sheriff Office Special Response Team to the International SWAT Olympics, where the team placed seventh, and to the North Carolina SWAT Competition, where the team placed first in the state.

For questions about the TEMS team, please contact:

District Chief Greg Guillaume