Notice of Special Event Rate Increase

    The Wake County EMS System Special Event fees are established to recover costs associated with providing the service. The rates below are effective July 1, 2017. 
      All special event coverage is provided at the paramedic level. 

      Ambulance, 2 staff: $155/hr.
      Bike or Cart Team, 2 staff: $125/hr.
      Venue Foot Team, 2 staff: $90/hr. 
      Supervisor or single staff coverage: $70/hr.

      Information on Special Event Coverage

      Wake County EMS supports many large public gatherings each year. We may offer EMS coverage for some smaller events, but we're not able to offer coverage for all events.

      Regardless, we will be there quickly for any emergent need at any special event in Wake County, with a call to 9-1-1.

      Information for Public Safety Agencies requesting EMS standby

      All other organizers requesting EMS coverage:

      • Complete this brief Request Form.
      • Questions and/or event maps?
      • Return form at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
      • It's never too early to request a date.

      Important Information

      There are more events in Wake County than we can cover without negatively impacting  9-1-1 operations. We consider the following criteria in determining whether we will offer EMS coverage:

      • 2,500+ event participants
      • High risk factors for participants
      • Total event crowd size
      • Traffic impedance caused by the event (e.g., major road closures)
      • Availability of EMS personnel
      • Impact of the event on 9-1-1 operations

      If we are able to offer coverage, we will determine what type of EMS resources we need to cover the event (ambulances, bike team, cart, supervisor, etc.). Those are operational decisions that we make based on what's needed to provide coverage.

      You will receive a form confirming dedicated EMS coverage for your event, the type of EMS resources used, and an estimate of the total costs, which are based on rates set by the Wake County Commissioners.

      In most cases we will mail an invoice after the event.  Non-recurring single events require pre-payment based on estimated costs prior to the event.  

      Unfortunately, we are unable to donate services for nonprofit and/or fundraising events.

      EMS special event coverage is intended for individual patient evaluation, treatment and/or transportation to an emergency department. 

      It is beyond the scope of EMS to provide "first aid station" services such as mass supply of pain medicine for headaches, multiple ice packs or elastic bandages, other medical supply handouts, bottled water, etc.

      For further questions, contact:

      Jeffrey Hammerstein
      Asst. Chief – Community Outreach