Wake County EMS provides support for numerous large public gatherings each year. A comprehensive event assessment is conducted when needed. An Incident Action Plan (IAP) is developed in cooperation with law enforcement and other authorities. The IAP may include on-site EMS units, an EMS incident management team, EMS foot patrols, EMS cyclists, all-terrain vehicles or other resources, as appropriate.

We also offer EMS coverage for smaller sports and entertainment events.

Scheduled EMS special event coverage will provide EMS crews that are dedicated to your event. An application form is required, and there is a hourly rate, with a 3-hour minimum. Please see the form for rates and other important information.

Special Event coverage requires receipt of a completed application a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.

If you are interested in having EMS stand by for an upcoming event, please download the Special Event Application Form and remit to:


For further questions, contact:
Jeffrey Hammerstein
Chief of Community Outreach