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​Interested in being part of Wake County EMS?  Here's how.

2019 Hiring Session 1 Paramedic
Online Applications Open early Oct. 2018 early Oct. 2018
Online Applications Close Dec. 7, 2018 Dec. 7, 2018
Assessment Center date range for selected applicants* Jan. 2–11, 2019 Jan. 2–11, 2019
Academy start date for selected candidates (first paid day) March 7, 2019 March 7, 2019
2019 Hiring Session 2 Paramedic EMT **
Online Applications Open open now open now
Online Applications Close April 17, 2019 April 17, 2019
Assessment Center date range for selected applicants* April 1–12 & May 6–10 April 1–12 & May 6–10
Academy start date for selected candidates (first paid day) June & July*** June & July***
2019 Hiring Session 3 Paramedic EMT **
Online Applications Open May 2019 Unknown if 
Online Applications Close July 26, 2019 EMT/EMT-I Hires
Assessment Center date range for selected applicants* Aug. 19–30, 2019 this session
Academy start date for selected candidates (first paid day) Oct. 31, 2019
* Only 1 or 2 days are required. We will work with the selected applicants to schedule the dates.
** We don't typically know whether we'll be hiring EMTs until just prior to a given session.
***Session 2 academy may be split into 2 groups with one starting in early June and one on July 11. Start date will be based on the credential status of the individual being hired. Those who plan to take their paramedic test by June 11 should still apply for employment by the April 12, 2019, application deadline.

Here's a look at our hiring process.
  1. Online Application (If posted, EMT/EMT-I positions are listed as "EMS Technician")
  2. Physical Ability Test
  3. Assessment Center
    • Written Test
    • Oral Interview
    • Patient Care Simulation
  4. Academy

Our hiring process is typically run three times a year and begins with the open application period. Paramedic positions are posted on the Wake County Human Resources page. In some hiring sessions, we’ll also post EMS Technician positions, which are for EMTs, Intermediates or Advanced EMTs. There are far fewer EMS Tech positions than paramedic positions, so EMS Tech hiring is less frequent.

Selected applicants will be invited to a physical ability test (PAT). Physical ability tests are scheduled as 1-hour sessions in the morning or afternoon. Candidates have two opportunities to pass the test during that session.

Those who pass will continue to the assessment center. The PAT and assessment centers are scheduled on two consecutive days to make it easy for out-of-town travel.

Assessment centers contain three segments. Allow 3 hours total to complete all segments.

Segment 1:  Written test for your certification level

Segment 2:  Standard oral interview panel

Segment 3:  Patient care simulation using a high-fidelity human patient simulator

The written exam and simulation are graded based on national standard curricula.

Candidates are not required to know Wake County EMS System protocols to successfully complete these assessment stations.

The physical ability test, assessment center, and academy are held at:

Wake County Emergency Services Education Center
221 S. Rogers Lane, Suite 160
Raleigh, NC 27610

It is important to understand that the hiring process may take up to 3–6 months before those who are hired reach their first paid workday, which is Day 1 of the academy. The length of time it takes depends on when during the open application period you apply.

EMS Hiring Process Timeline

Open application periods generally begin about 6 months before Day 1 of the academy. Applications usually remain open about 10 weeks, but the length of the period may vary.

Questions? Call us at 919-856-6020.



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