​The Wake County Department of Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the provision of EMS throughout Wake County.ambulance

The responsibility is met with
paramedic staffed ambulances, 
Advanced Practice Paramedics,
district chiefs,
professional development staff and administrative support staff.

The Department of EMS is currently headed by Interim Director Christopher Colangelo. 

Dr. Jefferson Williams is currently serving as Interim Medical Director.

The system responded to about 90,000 requests for service in 2014.

Wake County EMS is actively engaged in Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) initiatives, which are designed to provide more efficient means of care for our community.  To learn more, here are two references.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare white paper

Mobile Integrated Healthcare vision statement

Among the system's major achievements have been a nationally recognized cardiac arrest save rate, implementation of a pioneering ICE (induced hypothermia by EMS) protocol for post-cardiac arrest patients, and system-wide closest-vehicle dispatching using GPS-based automatic vehicle location and the MARVLIS in-vehicle navigation system.

The Wake County EMS Division is supplemented by three additional contracted EMS provider agencies – Apex EMS, Cary Area EMS, and Eastern Wake EMS.