2009-05-18-ems-ceremony-016-edit-mjl.jpgEach year, the Wake County EMS System comes together to celebrate our achievements as part of National EMS Week. Our annual Cardiac Arrest Save Ceremony recognizes every member of our System who helped save a life. Each member is presented with a certificate and a red and white ribbon to wear on their uniforms.
Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills more than 350,000 Americans each year. Nationally, only one in seven who suffer SCA will survive. With the odds stacked against us, we are extremely proud to have one of the highest SCA survival rates in the country.
During the Cardiac Arrest Save Ceremony, our survivors have the opportunity to meet and interact with the telecommunicators, first responders and ambulance crews who saved their life. We are also honored that some of our survivors are willing to share their story and the impact we have made in their life.