Administration Telephone E-mail    
Angela Crawford, HR Director   919-856-6090
Jerry Murdaugh, Executive Assistant/Dept.   919-856-2639
Human Resources Main Fax   919-856-6256    
Marie Edwards, Manager   919-856-6565
Phyllis Jackson, Benefits Specialist (A-L)   919-856-5868
Robin Pleasant, Benefits Specialist (M-Z)    919-856-5633
Caroline Hipple, Benefits Specialist    919-856-6103
Benefits Fax     919-743-4842        
Employee Relations and Training
Beth Travis, Manager    919-856-6095
Stephanie Goddard, Trainer   919-856-5595
Cynthia M Johnson, HR Consultant   919-856-5453
Jenny Rice, HR Consultant   919-856-6101  
Laurie Turner, HR Consultant   919-856-5866
Employee Relations Fax   919-743-4856        
Employment, Compensation and Classification
Dennis Schoch, Manager   919-856-6105
Kelly Johnson, HR Consultant (Compensation Analyst)    919-856-6097
Jonathan Roberts, HR Consultant (Corporate Recruiter)   919-856-6096
Denise Scott, HR Consultant (Human Services Recruiter)   919-856-5693
Shaneetra Bobbitt, Administrative Supervisor   919-856-5624
Karin Pechanek, HR Technician   919-856-5862
Justine DiStefano, HR Technician   919-856-5863
Steve Noble, Manager   919-856-6232
Pam Harrington, Payroll Specialist   919-856-6134
Vera Lane, Accountant   919-856-7222
​Payroll fax ​919-743-4837