Mission Statement

The mission of the Wake County LEPC Technical Subcommittee is to provide support to the full Wake County Local Emergency Planning Committee in developing policies to protect the safety and welfare of the public and first responders in Wake County.

The Technical Subcommittee will perform this mission by:

  • Undertaking and researching assignments presented to the Subcommittee by the LEPC

  • Evaluating and discussing relevant public safety/emergency preparedness/
    management issues related to Wake County

  • Presenting potential public safety/emergency preparedness/management issues related to Wake County to the LEPC for consideration and further investigation

  • Presenting recommendations regarding specific issues related to public safety/emergency preparedness/management to the LEPC for discussion and/or approval.


  • Joe Beaman (Chairman) Highlands Environmental, Inc.
  • Eric Green – Wake County Environmental Services
  • Amy Ikerd – Wake County Emergency Management
  • Lloyd Croesus – Covidien/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Keith Wilder – Raleigh FD/Hazmat Team
  • Colin Falato – HEPACO, Inc.
  • Pete Marotta – Environmental Products & Services of Vermont
  • Mitch McCallister – Shamrock Environmental
  • Caleb Krouse – URS Corp.
  • Mike Roberts – Ajinomoto
  • John Callaway – Wake County Fire Services