​To help our community recover after a disaster, Wake County Emergency Management works with a network of representatives from state, local and federal agencies, as well as organizations such as church groups, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to provide an array of services for those who have been affected.

To aid in this coordination, on-site Disaster Application Centers are set up to assist victims in determining loss, locating temporary housing and locating financial assistance to replace damaged personal belongings.

Wake County also provides stress management for emergency response workers through its Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team. This team monitors the physical and emotional well-being of emergency response workers during a critical incident as well as following the incident.

The team conducts debriefings with emergency response workers to provide them with an opportunity to release stress and express feelings associated with the incident. These debriefings are held within 72 hours of the incident and are a key component in helping emergency response workers recover from the situation in a shorter amount of time.

FEMA provides answers to many of the questions you may have following an emergency, such as how to locate family or apply for assistance.