During a disaster, accurate and up-to-date information is crucial to your well-being and can be as important as food, water or shelter. Information can help save lives and property. The following resources can help you stay informed in the event of an emergency:

Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office delivers news to you in its online Media Resource Center, where you can find Wake County news releases as well as archived press.

Broadcast News

Visit ReadyWake! for a list of local TV and radio stations. Radio and TV stations voluntarily give broadcast time to alert the public when threats become imminent. Such valuable information aids in saving lives, reducing injuries and lessening the impact on property.

Sign up for email updates!

Add yourself to the County listserv to receive updates about Wake County events, programs and emergency-related information.

Consider purchasing a weather radio

Most weather radios use specific area message encoding technology. This coding system contains specific information for the affected local area and the expected duration of the emergency. It receives weather and public safety announcements, local forecasts, travel conditions, and severe weather watches and warnings (for example, tornadoes and hurricanes). Weather radios can be purchased in the electronics section at some retail stores. Learn more at ReadyWake!