Click the Voter Info button to:

  • See if I am registered to vote.             
  • Find my polling place.
  • Verify my address and party affiliation.
  • View my sample ballot.
  • View my voting jurisdictions.
  • View my voter history.
  • Track the status of my absentee ballot.
  • Track the status of my provisional ballot.     



1. Type your FIRST NAME in the first field and your LAST NAME in the third field. 
     Middle name and date of birth fields are optional.


2. Select WAKE from the County drop-down menu. 


3. Click the Search button.  Then select your name in the results list to view your details.

4. To view your sample ballot(s), expand the Sample Ballots section and click on a ballot style in the Ballot(s) column. 


This data is provided by the NC State Board of Elections.  If you experience issues using the NC Voter Search website, please contact the State Board of Elections by phone at 919-733-7173 or 866-522-4723 or by email at