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Wake County Early Voting

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Early voting ended Saturday, November 5, at 1:00 p.m. Your next opportunity to vote is Election Day, November 8, at your assigned polling place.

​Unofficial daily early voting turnout (updated daily after 8:00 p.m.)​ 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Who may vote at an early voting location?
Any eligible Wake County voter may vote at any Wake County early voting location.

May I update my name or address at an early voting location?
Yes. You may update your name and address before voting.

  • If you moved 30 or more days before Election Day, you will receive the ballot style of your new address.
  • If you moved fewer than 30 days before Election Day, you will receive the ballot style of your old address.
I missed the voter registration deadline. May I register and vote at an early voting location?
Yes.  Eligible individuals may register and vote during the early voting period.  
May I change my party affiliation at an early voting location?
No. Changes to party affiliation cannot be made during the early voting period.
How can I determine whether I’m registered to vote?
Check your voter registration status.
Why are the lines so long at early voting locations?
Lines are generally not long during the first days of early voting. Voting lines are the longest on the final 3 days of early voting.
I heard that if I vote at an early voting location, my vote may not get counted. Is that true?
No. Your vote will be counted on Election Day along with the ballots cast in the polling places.
May any registered Wake County Voter vote absentee by mail?
Yes, and it is easy. (Watch our video explaining how easy it is.)



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