What is the MAT? 

MAT stands for Multipartisan Assistance Team. It is a group of persons who have been appointed by the Board of Elections to provide assistance with mail-in absentee voting to voters living at facilities such as nursing homes. The makeup of the Team includes, at a minimum, two persons whose voter registration is affiliated with two different political parties. The Team assists voters who may not have a near relative or guardian available to provide assistance in requesting or casting a mail-in absentee ballot.



 "I interact with senior [citizens] in my day job and understand the challenge that some seniors face. MAT offers me an opportunity to assist seniors in my community."   

-- April, MAT member


Assistance in requesting a mail-in absentee ballot:

MAT members provide this form and assist in completing the form if necessary. Members also deliver the completed forms back to the Board of Elections office.


Assistance in casting a mail-in absentee ballot:

The mail-in absentee ballot is delivered to the voter with a special return envelope. The back of the envelope requires that the voter complete some information and sign their name. It also requires two witnesses (or a Notary Public) to be present when the voter marks the ballot, and those witnesses must sign the envelope as well. MAT members can help with marking the ballot, completing the required information on the return envelope, and serve as witnesses to the act of voting.


Will I receive training?

The Board of Elections provides each MAT member with the necessary training and supplies to assist the voter in either requesting a mail-in absentee ballot or completing the mail-in absentee ballot return envelope. You must also sign the declaration swearing or affirming that you will abide by the law regarding voter assistance.


What can I expect when I become a member?

As requests are received, members sign up for a date, time, or location that fits their schedule.


How do I become a member?

Click the APPLY NOW button below and complete the online application to receive more information about becoming a MAT member. This is an unpaid volunteer position assisting the voters of Wake County in requesting and casting their ballot.



Below are some more quotes from current members describing their experience as a MAT member.


 "One of the things that concerns me is that not enough people vote. I promised myself I would spend 2016 doing my part to ensure that as many people as possible take advantage of the ballot box. I've always had a special place in my heart for older adults. Through the MAT program, I found that I was not only able to accomplish the important mission of helping residents vote, but I was also able to spread some sunshine among these individuals and brighten their day."


-- Carol, MAT member









"Voting is a right in the United States. MAT allows me a way to help those individuals who are not able to complete the paperwork themselves and have difficulty getting to the polls to vote. Seniors, especially, are proud to stay connected and exercise their right to vote."

-- Michele, MAT member