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Candidates & Campaign Finance

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I open a committee?

Within 10 days of opening a bank account, accepting or spending money in support of your candidacy, announcing your candidacy publicly, or filing either a notice of candidacy or Statement of Organization at the Board of Elections office.

What forms will I need to open a committee?

Print the forms in the Statement of Organization Packet.

Who can and cannot be my treasurer?

The candidate may be their own treasurer. The treasurer may not be the candidate's spouse, anyone under the age of 18, or a non-resident of North Carolina. It is preferred that the person have previous experience in finance or campaign finance.

Who needs to take treasurer training?

Campaign finance training is required for the treasurer of a candidate's committee, but it is also the main venue for learning about what is accepted and prohibited for a candidate's campaign. It is recommended that the candidate attend training with the treasurer, as well as anyone who will be handling campaign transactions. All treasurers must attend training within 3 months of appointment, and once every 4 years thereafter.

Is training available online?

Yes click on the button above for information about signing up for online treasurer training.

Am I required to file my reports electronically?

NCGS 163A-1418(i)(4) requires all committees to file electronically if it has a cumulative total of more than $10,000 in contributions, loans, or expenditures during an election cycle.

  • This requirement applies to all activity that affects elections in 2017 or later.
  • Free e-filing software is available for download from the State Board of Elections' website. 
  • Candidates for statewide office, and other committees making contributions, expenditures, or independent expenditures that affect contests for statewide office, still have a $5,000 threshold for e-filing.


Candidates & Campaign Finance

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