The District Attorney's Office is headed by the elected District Attorney, N. Lorrin Freeman. Howard Cummings is the First Assistant District Attorney, and there are approximately 40 Assistant District Attorneys and approximately 40 other staff of Victim Witness Legal Assistants, Investigators, and administrative staff.

The 10th Prosecutorial District includes only Wake County. This office prosecutes approximately 160,000 traffic offenses and misdemeanors and 8,000 felonies each year. The citizens of Wake County remain a top priority and, therefore, this office comprises specialized units to handle the volume of criminal offenses. Below is the listing of these specialized units.

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Misdemeanor Unit – All traffic and misdemeanor offenses, including DWI, misdemeanor assaults, communicating threats, speeding and other traffic violations, and misdemeanor drug charges are handled in District Court. The following are handled in their own specialized unit: special DWI cases, Domestic Violence Cases and Juvenile cases.

Domestic Violence Unit – The continuous increase in Domestic Violence cases has rendered the formation of this unit. Wake County has a no-drop policy, which means your case will not be dropped if you call and indicate you do not wish to proceed with the charges.

Driving While Impaired Unit – This office has worked in cooperation with the Clerk of Court and the Chief District Court Judge to develop a specialized court that meets four days a week to focus strictly on special DWI cases. This cases are often older cases involving civilian witnesses and normal resolutions through trials.

Drug Unit – This unit prosecutes all felony drug offenses, from warrant through the close of each case.

Juvenile Unit – Juvenile records are confidential and not public record. This small, specialized unit prosecutes these cases and works closely with the Juvenile Court Counselors' office.

Probable Cause Unit – Felony cases, except for Sexual Assault and Drugs, start in this unit. These ADAs and VLWAs have a short period of time from the defendant's first appearance date to the probable cause date to gather important information from the victims and investigative reports from law enforcement. Cases are not often in this unit for very long. This unit handles approximately ¼ of these felonies filed by felony pleas in district court. If cases are not resolved in this unit, they are transferred to Superior Court where a new ADA and VWLA will be assigned to continue prosecution of the cases.

Special Victims Unit – The prosecutors in this unit are dedicated to the prosecution of offenders who victimize children, and their experience is more than 28 years combined. These prosecutors work with Law Enforcement day and night to review cases and possible charges. Because the prosecutors are specially trained and experienced, they have been extremely effective in prosecuting child abusers and child rapists.

Superior Court Unit – This unit comprises teams of prosecutors and victim witness legal assistants who proceed with felony cases that have been transferred from district court. These cases are often more complex and normally need more time in determining the proper outcome. The majority of these cases are heard before the Grand Jury and then proceed with either a plea or jury trial for final disposition.