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What does this measure?

This indicator provides the count and cumulative dollar value of all permits issued annually that change the tax value of commercial real property. Such changes include new construction, additions, renovations, and demolitions. Issued permits that do not modify the taxable value of real property, such as permits for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other minor alterations, are not reported in this indicator. Because construction is a key measure of economic activity, this indicator provides insight into the health of the local economy, land development patterns, and building industry status. Because the permits included here are only those that change tax value, this indicator may be used to estimate changes to the property tax base on a year-to-year basis. Note that numbers reported for prior years are not adjusted to reflect changes to municipal planning jurisdictions, including voluntary annexations or modifications to extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) areas.

How is Wake County performing?

The effects of the national economic downturn were apparent in Wake County’s construction sector. In 2009, the number of permits issued fell 43%, and the dollar value of those permits fell 78%. Recovery in number has been gradual while the value of commercial permits has increased at a faster rate.

Please note, the Wake County Revenue Department modified the data collection procedure in 2017 that increased the number of reported commercial permits and values.

Did you know?

Over the past ten years, commercial development was valued at approximately $9.73 billion.

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Wake County Tax Administration

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Data is updated:

Data is available monthly by Wake County Tax Administration.

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