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5.3% unemployment rate

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May 2014



What does this measure?

Unemployment rate measures the percentage of the available labor force without work, excluding military, students, homemakers and those not otherwise seeking work. Employment numbers are a primary signal of an area’s desirability and sustainability. If an area is able to maintain and increase the supply of jobs, the area is likely to attract and retain businesses and residents. Employment numbers reflect the status of the area's economy and reflect the vitality of the area's business climate.

How is Wake County performing?

Wake County’s unemployment rate, even during the most recent recession, consistently remains lower than the unemployment rate of North Carolina and of the United States. Wake County’s unemployment rate has been declining since 2010.

Did you know?

Since 2008, Wake County's annual unemployment rate peaked in 2010 at 8.6%.

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Data Considerations

The unemployment number does not include military, students, homemakers and those not otherwise seeking work. Unemployment rate is based on residents' place of residence, not place of work. The rates reported here are seasonally unadjusted, meaning that the numbers are not statistically adjusted to eliminate seasonal fluctuations such as weather, holidays, and the opening and closing of schools.

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Data is updated:

Data is made available monthly by the North Carolina Labor Market Information Division. Data is published here biannually on or around February 15 and August 15 by Wake County Planning, Development and Inspections.

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July 29, 2014 – Revised charts using updated information that goes through May 2014.


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