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What does this measure?

The number of registered vehicles includes all vehicle registrations issued by the State of North Carolina within Wake County. In addition to providing an estimate for the number of vehicles that travel local roads and highways, vehicle registrations also provide indirect insight into the buying decisions of citizenry. Personal buying choices are influenced by many factors. Economic conditions and individual economic self-sufficiency enable citizens to purchase and afford a car. The necessity of owning a car may be affected by land use and the convenience of multimodal transportation options. Furthermore, changes to the rate of vehicle registrations may indicate vehicle market saturation.

How is Wake County performing?

The vehicle registration growth rate has slowed despite a consistent increase in population, dropping the number of vehicle registrations per capita from 0.80 vehicles per person in 2007 to 0.73 vehicles per person in 2013.

Did you know?

In 2013, 0.73 vehicles were registered per capita.

Data Source

Data Considerations

Annual data represent the number of valid automobile and truck registrations in the system at that time (including those within the grace period for renewal). Excluded are registrations for trailers, buses, motorcycles, dealers, transporters, drive away and public-owned passenger vehicles, mobile homes, tractor trucks, and wreckers.

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Data is updated:

NC LINC publishes updated data annually in mid-December.

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