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1,899 acres annexed in 2013

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December 2013



What does this measure?

Annexation, the incorporation of new territory into an existing municipality, provides insight into population growth and development activity, both key measures of local economic health. Annexation demonstrates the ability of local governments to expand services, it illustrates where developers are seeking to build, and it indicates where people are deciding to live. Annexations may occur through three methods: 1) city-initiated (“involuntary”), 2) by petition from property-owners or residents (“voluntary”), and 3) by act of the General Assembly (“legislative”). 

How is Wake County performing?

Numbers of acres annexed by municipalities plummeted from 7,002 acres in 2007 to 669 acres in 2011. In 2013, the most acres were annexed by Cary (417 acres), Knightdale (354), Apex (283), Wake Forest (269), and Raleigh (234). Wake County municipalities primarily employ "voluntary" annexations.

Did you know?

45% of land in Wake County's 857 square miles falls within the County's planning jurisdiction.

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Data is published here annually on or around July 15 by Wake County Planning, Development, and Inspections.

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