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What does this measure?

Household size measures the average number of people residing in a single housing unit, reflecting citizens’ chosen living arrangements. While family size is certainly a main determinant of household size, this number also provides insight into the financial self-sufficiency of Wake County’s citizens. An uptick in household size may indicate that residents are seeking roommates or moving back in with family during financially hard times, while decreasing household size may indicate that citizens choosing to live independently or with fewer roommates as their finances stabilize. The health and sufficiency of the housing market also affects household size. If there are not enough housing units to accommodate a growing population, we may observe a rise in household size. This statistic impacts population density, which in turn affects how planners shape land usage. School systems, residential and commercial developers, and transportation planners rely on this information when designing their services, programs, and products.

How is Wake County performing?

The Wake County average household size, which hovers around 2.6 people per household, mirrors the national average household size.

Did you know?

The historical average household size for owner-occupied households (2.74) is slightly higher than for renter-occupied households (2.41) in Wake County.

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Data is updated:

The United States Census Bureau publishes official population estimates and population estimate revisions for prior years annually. County, state, and national data is released in March.

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September 2016: Revised to reflect 2015 ACS estimates




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