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64 net new residents per day (43 per day from net migration)

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2010 to 2015



What does this measure?

Migration, along with births and deaths, are the components that determine population change. Total net migration itself is a factor of two determinants: internal migration and international migration. Internal migration is the number of people moving from one area in the county, state, or nation to another, while international migration tracks the movement of the foreign-born and the emigration of the native-born. Because people move to areas that offer the jobs they need and the quality of life they desire, net migration is a useful tool in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a region, both economically and socially. Understanding the composition of a community, especially stemming from international migration, helps businesses and local governments predict the community’s changing needs, and plan for changes in service demands. Residual net migration accounts for natural net increases by employing the following formula: Residual net migration = (population in the latter year – population in earlier year) – (births – deaths).

How is Wake County performing?

Wake County leads the state in net migration. In 2013, migration accounted for about 63% of population growth within the County.

Did you know?

Wake County receives a steady flow of people into--and out of--the county. On average, 188 people move into Wake County every day and 148 people move out, meaning Wake gains an average of 40 new residents each day due to net migration. Since 2010, net migration has accounted for 65% of Wake County's growth.

Data Source

Data Considerations

Since 2011, Wake County by the Numbers has relied on US Census Bureau net migration numbers rather than those of the North Carolina State Demographer. Prior to 2011, residual net migration was calculated by following formula: Residual net migration = (population in the latter year – population in earlier year) – (births – deaths). 

There is a lag between the collection and reporting of census data; data for 2014 will not be released until March and June of 2015.

Charts & Maps

Origins of New Wake County Residents, 2014.PNG 
Wake County Migration Components, 1995-2014.PNG

Data is updated:

The United States Census Bureau publishes official county net migration estimates annually in March.

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September 2015; Revised to reflect 2014 ACS estimates




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