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Wake County Open Data

Wake County supports an open and transparent government that provides increased access to public data. Our goal is to provide a single portal to access various Wake County Government data sets in standard formats to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

Visit the Wake County Open Data Portal:



History of the program

The County has been actively sharing data electronically for years, and while the methods of sharing have changed, the commitment to sharing and transparency remains. Data files for financial transactions, restaurant inspections, permitting, real estate, elections and property have been shared through this website, by business units, Information Services and GIS (Geographic Information Services) throughout that time.

Recognizing the importance of continued improvement, the County launched its Open Data program in January 2014. Rather than starting with a data portal, we began collaborating with internal data owners, partner jurisdictions and the external open data/technical community.

In January 2015, leveraging the information gleaned through that collaboration, the County launched the open data portal as a beta program and initially populated it with data sets that were available on our website. Over the course of 2015, working with our partners, we increased the number of data sets, built a technical support mechanism, began to collect feedback, and transitioned from beta to production.

Our open data is about more than just data; it is about working within our community and with our business partners to allow integration with consumer applications – in other words, meeting our citizens where they are and helping to improve their experiences.

Find out more about our work with the community and our work with integrating with consumer applications:




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