Fiscal Strength and Stewardship

Goal: Continue to exercise sound financial management and ensure Wake County’s
long-term fiscal strength.
  1. Objective: Implement financial policies and guidelines to address changing criteria from the rating agencies regarding requirements for achieving AAA credit rating
  2. Objective: Implement tax increase necessary to carry out voter-approved WCPSS school bond program

Community Health and Vitality

Goal: Promote and protect the public health of the community.
  1. Objective: Work with leaders in the private and public sectors to organize and implement the Healthiest Capital County Initiative in order to build opportunities for healthy lifestyles and better health outcomes for all Wake County residents
  2. Objective: Initiate pilot program to focus county and community resources in Crosby-Garfield community to address community challenges and track outcomes
  3. Objective: Continue partnerships with Alliance Behavioral Healthcare and community partners to anticipate and respond to changes in mental health management and services
  4. Objective: Human Capital Development
    1. Implement plans to deliver Human Services that will enable citizens to achieve and/or maintain middle class status, ultimately reducing dependence on government support
    2. Continue collaboration with partners and stakeholders and implementation of strategies to bolster positive youth development
  5. Objective: Increase the animal shelter’s live release rate by implementing various shelter assessment strategies such as community education, community partnerships and ordinance revisions
  6. Objective: Enhance outreach, testing, and technical services for water quality to protect public health


Goal: Support an educated and skilled community through responsible funding of the Wake County Public School System and Wake Technical Community College.
  1. Objective: Implement an interlocal agreement with the Wake County Board of Education for collaboration between School Board and County staff to ensure public funds are utilized optimally for the school building program site acquisition and construction services
  2. Objective: Ensure appropriate funding for WCPSS and Wake Tech through annual operating budget process
  3. Objective: Partner with the Board of Education in developing and/or supporting a community-wide goal for student achievement

Public Safety

Goal: Provide a safe and secure community through coordinated efficient and effective, professional, public safety services.
  1. Objective: Explore and evaluate partnership opportunities for an emergency operations center (EOC) with potential partners
  2. Objective: Continue discussions with contracted service providers to identify consolidation opportunities in fire/ rescue services and EMS delivery, and identify other strategies that will yield more effective and efficient fire/rescue, emergency medical services and emergency communications
  3. Objective: Complete implementation of Emergency Medical Services Advanced Paramedic Program

Community Partnerships and Economic Development

Goal: Increase collaboration among community partners and units of government to develop long range plans for land use, economic development, infrastructure and environmental programs to improve the prosperity, health and diversity of the community. Develop and implement ongoing, long range planning initiatives to enhance quality of life.
  1. Objective: Support community discussion and development of transit strategies that evaluate investment alternatives, feasibility and governance
  2. Objective: Continue implementation of the open space program to include maximizing opportunities for public access and identify greenway partnerships
  3. Objective: Complete evaluation of economic development strategies and implement changes as appropriate
  4. Objective: Continue collaborative effort with all economic development partners to attract new jobs, retain jobs and provide training to individuals in transition
  5. Objective: Work with Wake County's farm and agribusiness community to facilitate their efforts for farmland preservation and economic viability

Effective and Efficient Government Operations

Goal: Support management initiatives to continually improve the quality, responsiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of county services
  1. Objective: Increase focus on quality customer service and develop methods (including direct civic engagement) for measuring and evaluating current service levels to identify areas for improving and enhancing services
  2. Objective: Implement strategies, structures and systems necessary for achieving Board goals and priorities through development of long-range plans and resource alignment in the operating and capital budgets
  3. Objective: Develop and implement a county-wide, citizen-focused strategic plan to achieve a long-term shared vision for the County that will support a high quality of life for all Wake County citizens