The Wake County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on Feb. 6, 2017, to approve its strategic goals and objectives. The eight goal areas the commissioners identified will help guide the county’s funding decisions, project prioritization and resource usage.

The board’s strategic goals represent a long-term focus on key areas of emphasis, and they are coupled with objectives and initiatives that are both short- and long-term in nature.

The goals include:

  • Community Health – Promote an effective behavioral and physical health system of care and practices that benefits all residents.

  • Economic Strength – Create a business-friendly environment to attract, retain and grow business, diversify the economic base and create job opportunities for all citizens.

  • Education – Through collaboration with education stakeholders, achieve a well-educated, skilled citizenry prepared for success in a global workforce.

  • Great Government – Promote a vision of a county government that partners with all levels of government to empower, protect and serve its citizens through a culture of respect, collaboration and innovation.

  • Growth and Sustainability – Establish a deliberate and realistic approach to address growth and mobility while preserving our environment and individual communities.

  • People, Arts and Culture – Apply an interdisciplinary approach to seek out and harness the strengths of our diverse community and develop policies that reflect positive values, enhance our cultural activities, support artistic expression and improve quality of life.

  • Public Safety – Provide a safe and secure community through coordinated, efficient and effective public safety services.

  • Social and Economic Vitality – Improve economic and social opportunities in vulnerable communities through strategic partnerships.

The Board of Commissioners and staff worked together to develop these goals, as well as the objectives and initiatives that fall under each one. The Board refined the goals and objectives during work sessions in April, August and October.