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2010 Board Goals

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  1. The Economy and Jobs

    1. Develop and approve a budget for fiscal year 2010-2011 that maintains the property tax rate at 53.4 cents.


    2. Continue to work with Wake Technical Community College, the Wake Economic Development Program and existing businesses to attract new jobs, to retain jobs and to provide training to individuals in transition.


    3. Evaluate the County’s Economic Development policies with regard to promoting the creation and expansion of small businesses.

  1. Transit

    1. Work with Triangle Transit to develop a Transit plan that is financially sound and will be supported by Interlocal Agreements with each municipality.


    2. Work with Triangle Transit, the municipalities, and the business community to consider a ½ cent sales tax referendum schedule no sooner than the Fall of 2011.


  1. Highlighting the County’s Role in Environmental Stewardship

    1. Work with the Sustainability Task Force as they focus on:
      1. Water Resources Conservation and Management
      2. Solid Waste Reduction and Management
      3. Energy Conservation and Management


    2. Implement an agreement to sell the landfill gas at the South Wake Landfill.


    3. Work with the City of Raleigh, Durham County and the City of Durham on a coordinated response to the Falls Lake Rules and participate in the rule-making process.


  1. Continuing Goals from Prior Years

    1. Improve the Mental Health System in Wake County with the opening of the continuum of care facilities and securing partners to operate some or all of the facilities in the most cost-effective manner.


    2. Human Capital:
      1. Implement plans to deliver Human Services that will enable citizens to achieve and/or maintain middle class status, ultimately reducing dependence on government support.
      2. Work with the Human Services Board to identify departmental priorities for resource allocation and budget recommendations.


    3. Education: Work with the Wake County Public Schools and Wake Technical Community College to develop operating budget strategies that do not require increasing the property tax rate, yet reflects education as a priority in Wake County.


    4. Continue to maintain the County’s AAA credit rating with all three rating agencies.


    5. Enhanced Delivery of Systems for Fire/Rescue and EMS: Initiate discussions with contracted service providers to identify consolidation opportunities in fire/rescue services and EMS delivery and identify other strategies that will yield more effective and efficient fire/rescue and emergency medical services.


    6. Urban County Leadership: Continue to take a leadership role among the largest urbanizing counties to discuss common issues and to promote a common legislative agenda. In 2010, develop a “State Budget Strategy” working with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners and the NC League of Municipalities in order to protect revenue and prevent the State from shifting responsibilities to local governments during the “short” legislative session.


    7. Develop a “three-year” plan to facilitate policy deliberations for the multiple and competing priorities.



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