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2009 Board Goals

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  1. The Economy and Jobs

    1. Develop and approve a budget for fiscal year 2009-2010 which maintains the property tax rate at 53.4 cents.

    2. Work with Wake Technical Community College, the Wake County Economic Development Program and existing businesses to attract new jobs, retain jobs and provide training to individuals in transition.

    3. Maximize the use of federal “stimulus” funds to:
      1. Retain or add jobs in the region, through infrastructure projects;
      2. Offset potential reductions in the County’s operating and/or capital budgets;
      3. Assist Wake County citizens (in transition).
  2. Improving the Mental Health System in Wake County

    1. Implement the County’s Plan to improve Mental Health Services in Wake County including:
      1. The partnership with Holly Hill Hospital for 44 beds;
      2. The construction of continuum of care facilities (crisis and assessment center, short-term psychiatric beds, secure detox unit, and a substance abuse inpatient treatment center);
      3. An interim contract with the State of North Carolina for 24 beds until the continuum of care facilities are operational;
      4. Reorganization of the LME;
      5. Partnerships with the Sheriff’s Office, EMS and others.

  3. Highlighting the County’s Role in Environmental Stewardship and “Green Initiatives"

    1. Update/Enhance the County’s Environmental Stewardship Agenda to incorporate strategies for sustainability and “green initiatives” including:
      1. Expanding the use of alternative fuel vehicles;
      2. Pursuing LEED certification for large capital projects;
      3. Continuing to make energy efficient improvements and upgrades in buildings.
      4. Expanding partnerships in reuse and recycling.
      5. Establish a Citizens’ Task Force to evaluate current strategies and recommend changes and new strategies.

  4. Continuing Goals from Prior Years

    1. Building Human Capital: Implement plan to deliver human services that will enable citizens to achieve and/or maintain middle class status, ultimately reducing dependence on governmental support.

    2. Education: Work with the Wake County Public Schools and Wake Community College to:
      1. Modify capital project schedules in light of slower economic growth and bond issuances;
      2. Develop operating budget strategies that do not require increasing the property tax rate but reflect education as a priority in Wake County.

    3. Continue to maintain the County’s AAA bond rating with all three financial rating agencies.

    4. Transportation Strategies: Work with stakeholders, including the Wake County delegation, regional transportation organizations, municipalities and the business community to advance the County’s transportation needs.

    5. Collaborative Water Resources Management: Ensure that all municipalities have a voice in the development of regional solutions for water resource management in Wake County.

    6. Enhanced Delivery Systems for Fire/Rescue and EMS: Initiate discussions with contracted service providers to identify consolidation opportunities in fire/rescue service and EMS delivery and identify other strategies that will yield more effective and efficient fire/rescue and emergency medical services.

    7. Gang Prevention: Continue implementation of strategies recommended by the Wake County Gang Prevention Task Force to bolster prevention and reduce the prevalence of gang activity in Wake County.

    8. Urban County Leadership: Continue to take a leadership role among the largest, urbanizing counties to discuss common issues and to promote common legislative agendas including those involving transportation, water supply, Medicaid financing and air quality, for example.

    9. Criminal Justice Facilities: Continue to implement a courthouse and criminal justice long-term capital plan.

    10. Support for Cultural Arts: Continue to highlight the unique and varied cultural and artistic aspects of the community.



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