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Board of Commissioners

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Board of Commissioners

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Wake County
Board of Commissioners

Wake County is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. The Board enacts policies such as establishment of the property tax rate, regulation of land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdictions, and adoption of the annual budget. 

On Oct. 9, Board Chair Jessica Holmes delivered the 2018 State of the County Report at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences. She highlighted the successes the county has made over the past year and the work the commissioners will focus on in the months ahead. To hear her remarks and comments made by other speakers, view this video.

View schedule of meetings. Agendas & Minutes Watch meetings online or on TV. Goals

District 1
Commissioner Paul Coble
District 2
Commissioner Phil Matthews
District 3 Commissioner Joe Bryan District 4
Commissioner Tony Gurley
District 5
District 6 Commissioner James West District 7 Commissioner Betty Lou Ward
Sig Hutchinson
Matt Calabria Jessica Holmes
Susan Evans James West Greg Ford
Vice Chair

Local Elected Officials

State Elected Officials

Federal Elected Officials

P.O. Box 550 | Raleigh, NC 27602
Denise Hogan, Clerk to the Board |

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