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The Youth In Transition Team focuses on working with children and youth who are involved with child welfare and/or juvenile court, and those who are homeless. 4-H provides life skill education on such topics as financial literacy, independent living, college preparation, conflict resolution, goal planning, relationships and decision making. We collaborate with staff from child welfare, juvenile court and community agencies that touch the lives of these youth.

Two staff work specifically with youth involved with staff from child welfare and community agencies, and three staff members work in SPACES, a JCPC (Juvenile Crime Prevention Council)-funded program that specifically works with youth involved with, or at risk of involvement with, juvenile court.

4-H Spaces

Wake County 4-H Spaces is a  4-H Youth Development Program and has been implemented in Wake County since 1991. 4-H Spaces uses multiple, research-based and research-supported curricula designed to assist youth in developing an understanding their inner, shared and outer selves as it relates to critical thinking and decision-making skills. The Wake County 4-H Spaces program serves approximately 80 youth annually and receives funding from the Wake County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and Wake County Government.

Program Stages Description Additional Information
Inner Spaces This area of the program focuses on the individual internally.
How decisions are made; why decisions are made; internal feelings when making decisions; internal strengths, talents, interests and sparks
Shared Spaces This area of the program focuses on how individuals make decisions and how they reflect the individuals with whom they share their immediate surroundings. How individual decisions affect the family, classroom, school and community; considering the outcome of decisions made
Outer Spaces This area of the program focuses on identifying how one can use their talents to benefit their future and who can assist them in realizing their ambitions, dreams and life goals
Helping individuals identify a sense of future purpose (beyond 5 years); visualizing the use of talents  for the future; planning life goals, objectives and strategies

SPACES Referrals

To refer a youth to 4-H Spaces, complete the referral form

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To learn more about other services for youth at-risk, visit:

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