Teen Choice is the Wake County 4-H Teen Program and offers four tracks to help high school students prepare for college and careers. 

Four Tracks for High Schoolers

Leadership: The Leaders and Counselors In Training Program (LCIT)

Being a leader can take many different forms, but there are some things that all leaders need to know. The LCIT program will teach you how to lead groups and give you the opportunity to practice leadership, public speaking and other important skills.

Highlights include low and high ropes courses, the opportunity to be a counselor in training at a 4-H day camp or overnight camp in the summer, and the chance to lead activities with younger children. LCITs meet on average twice a month and are expected to participate from January–December. Enrollment is now open for this strand.
Please email daniel.bulatek@wakegov.com or arvetra.jones@wakegov.com for more information.

Community Service: Sparks in Progress
Upgrade your community service – find something that you are passionate about (we call that your Spark) and make a positive impact on others. The SIP Program helps high schoolers connect their Sparks with opportunities to serve. It also provides for designated times to gather with other high schoolers to share about your community service and gather ideas from the experiences of other high schoolers. Community service can be done individually or in groups.
Civic Engagement
Civic Engagement track participants will learn about local, state and federal government through discussions, presentations, field trips, special speakers and simulations. We will be focusing on what it means to be civically engaged, to be a leader, and the importance of community service. This experience will look great on a resume as you apply for college and future employment!
This program is geared towards rising youth in grades 9 and 10; however, students in grades 11 and 12 can join if they have an interest in civics. There will also be several opportunities for community service as well as gaining leadership and workforce development skills.  
This track begins in Spring 2017 and will have meetings during the summer months, with meetings running through December 2017.
Register for Civic Engagement Track
Workforce Development (coming soon)

4-H Teen Program Frequently Asked Questions  

 How old do you have to be to participate?
You must be a high school student to participate in the Wake County 4-H Teen Program. Homeschoolers and private school students are welcome, as are youth who are out of school.
Can I participate in more than one strand at a time?
4-H'ers are welcome to look at all of the strands, but we encourage you to choose one strand to focus on during each year of high school. You can participate in a 4-H club and the 4-H Teen Program at the same time.
What does it cost to participate?
There is not a fee to join the program, but individual activities may have a fee. Financial assistance is available as funds allow.
How do I join one of the strands?
        Use the links above to register for any of the strands.
The strand I want does not have a registration option listed. What do I do?
The Wake County 4-H Teen Program is being rolled out in stages in 2017. If your strand is not yet active, send an email to 4h@wakegov.com and let us know what strand you are interested in, and we will let the staff working on that strand know that you want to participate.

For more information on any of our 4-H Programs: