Wake 4-H Youth Development offers opportunities for youth and their families to spend time learning and growing together as a family.

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4-H and Club CHOICE

Wake County 4-H works with health educators to provide wellness clubs for adults and youth as part of Human Capital Development. 

Club CHOICE is for youth ages 5 to 17 whose parents are in Club CHOICE and wellness activities through Human Capital Development.


(Use the link above to visit Club Choice for more information)

4-H Staff teach activities and healthy options to youth of different ages while their parents take part in club activities at Sunnybrook and Millbrook Human Services centers.

    Fun and engaging activities include:

¨      30 minutes of physical fitness they can do with parents for family wellness

¨      Creating daily food journals to track eating habits

¨      Learning how to read food labels

¨      Helping their parents plan well-balanced meals with fresh fruits and vegetables from local markets, gardens or farms

¨      Planning ways to do fun physical activities as a family

¨      Learning how to eat the right portion sizes


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