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Our most popular 4-H School Enrichment program! Teachers can check out kits from Wake County 4-H to hatch eggs in their classrooms while teaching students about the life cycle. There is no cost to schools to participate, and 4-H takes the chicks back at the end of the project. Online training is provided, and support is available from the 4-H office throughout the project. Priority goes to second-grade classrooms.

Kits contain 1 incubator, eggs, candling device and hatching supplies. 
Teachers must supply their own brooder box. See examples here of how
4-H Embryology aligns with standards.


Extension and 4-H offer a variety of resources for schools who want to start a new garden, revamp an existing garden, or better use their existing garden as an outdoor learning space.

Extension Master Gardeners offer consultations to schools who wish to have some guidance in selecting and planning their school garden site. You can reach the Master Gardeners by email at mgardener@wakegov.com to ask for a school garden site visit.

During the 2017–2018 school year, there will be opportunities for training for schools wishing to develop their gardens. This website will have updates when they become available.

The following resources may also be helpful, as well as the Soil Solutions information found further down on this page.

Health Rocks

Health Rocks!® is a three-part, evidence-based curriculum for a healthy living program, designed to bringing youth, families and communities across the United States together to reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs among youth.

Health Rocks! aims to help youth resist risky behaviors by guiding them in development of life skills in the areas of critical thinking, decision-making, communication, managing feelings, stress management and goal-setting to help them resist risky behaviors. It also provides accurate health information on the consequences of youth usage of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

This curriculum is recommended for use with 6th through 8th grades.

Request here to check out the curriculum for use in your classroom. 

See how Health Rocks aligns with standards.

Preview Health Rocks Level One. 

Preview Health Rocks Level Two.

Magic of Electricity

Fourth-grade classrooms can check out a curriculum kit to teach students about energy conservation and transfer. This curriculum has books and an activity kit that teachers can check out to use in their classroom.  One kit can support 10–12 students, so checking out two kits at a time is strongly encouraged if you are doing a whole-class project.

Check out a kit here. (coming soon!)

View a preview of the curriculum kit online. The kit is available for purchase through Shop 4-H, but is available for check-out in Wake County at no charge.

See how Magic of Electricity aligns with standards.

Robotics Level 1 

Students explore robotics – no computers required! Concepts of pneumatics, robotic arm design, and 3D spaces are emphasized through the activities in this kit.

This kit is appropriate for use with fourth- through seventh-grade classrooms.

Check out a kit here. (coming soon!)

View the curriculum kit contents. The kit is available for purchase through Shop 4-H, but is available for check-out in Wake County at no charge.

Robotics Level 2 

Students are challenged to build robots from everyday materials. Concepts covered include simple friction, circuitry, mobile robots, simple machines and buoyancy. 

This kit is appropriate for use with fourth- through 12th-grade classrooms.

Check out a kit here. (coming soon!) 

View the curriculum kit contentsThe kit is available for purchase through Shop 4-H, but is available for check-out in Wake County at no charge.

Soil Solutions 

4-H can provide free copies of the Soil Solutions curriculum to teachers wishing to use it in their classrooms. Priority for support goes to third-grade classrooms.

Request use of the curriculum.

See how Soil Solutions aligns with standards.