It will take a team effort to make the 2020 Census in Wake County a success and we need your help.


You can help make the 2020 Census a success!

  • Talk to family, friends and neighbors about why it’s important to participate in the census.

  • Promote education and awareness via social media. Use the hashtags #WakeCounts, #2020Census and #TambienContamos to join the conversation.

  • Volunteer at programs which work with youth, seniors or other vulnerable populations to encourage them to participate and/or assist them in their participation.

  • Find a job with the Census Bureau.

Community Organizations

Community-based organizations are vital in ensuring a fair and accurate count. Your trusted voices can teach residents about the census and your unique knowledge about the special populations in their community can increase participation in the census. Leaders and representatives from education, business, organized labor, religious and service organizations can help identify and engage historically undercounted groups in their community.

Any organization with community ties can help ensure that every Wake County resident  is included in the 2020 Census and that the final count is fair and accurate. Your organization can assist by identifying and educating undercounted populations about the 2020 Census.

Potential Activities

Your organization can develop targeted outreach strategies to urge undercounted groups to participate in the 2020 Census.

When identifying the best activities to engage in, your organization should consider its strengths and the needs of the populations with which it has the strongest relationships.

  • Engage with the NC Complete Count Committee and/or your local CCC.

  • The 2020 Census will rely more than ever before on computer-based surveys for the count instead of the paper forms it has used in the past. This new approach will be a challenge for people who have limited access to computers, digital devices, and broadband internet service, and events that help connect these individuals with others who can assist them in accessing and navigating the technology will be important in ensuring an accurate count.

  • Educate your community about the importance of the census and an accurate count and dispel myths about the security of census data by hosting a forum in your community or for your organization’s members and by including information about the census in communications (e.g., newsletters, mailings) to your stakeholders.

  • Recruit organizations that work with your organization to help engage in census outreach and to join your local and state complete count committees.

  • Hold an Ideation Workshop to generate strategies for reaching the community you support.

  • Promote the census on social media, especially within influencer networks. Use the hashtags #WakeCounts, #2020Census and #TambienContamos to join the conversation.

As you plan activities, consider working collaboratively with your local CCC and with other organizations in your community as much as possible. This will maximize your impact and get word out about the upcoming census to a larger and more diverse audience.

City Partners

Cities are critical to helping the U.S. Census Bureau reach undercounted Wake County residents, and help residents receive their fair share of federal funds, census jobs, and congressional and state representation.

Because you know your city and residents best, you are uniquely positioned to ensure the people you care about are counted. We have compiled the toolkit below to help you plan and implement a successful outreach campaign in your city.


Other Resources

The National League of Cities has issued a municipal action guide for city leaders. The guide contains useful background information on the importance of the 2020 Census to local communities as well as tips for helping the U.S. Census Bureau complete an accurate count in every neighborhood.

Business Sector Partners

On April 15 of each year, North Carolina businesses and individuals send their tax dollars to the federal government; it is only once a DECADE that we get a chance to get back those dollars.

Sector partners, such as employers, unions and other trusted community leaders, are critical to helping the U.S. Census Bureau reach hard-to-count Wake County residents.

This toolkit includes tailored support materials and resources, which will be key in making your communications and outreach efforts effective. It is imperative that community leaders are well-equipped with information and resources – to ensure that everyone is counted in the 2020 Census!

Because you know your community best, you are uniquely positioned to ensure the people you care about are counted.

Toolkit Resources

Other Resources