Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you come talk to my organization, group or club? 
    Yes! We are more than happy to speak to local groups about Census 2020. Just email us at to set up a time.
  • What happens if I lose my Census 2020 postcard? 
    You'll be sent three postcards starting in March. If there is no response to those postcards, you'll be sent a paper copy of the census questionnaire. If there is no response to the paper copy, an enumerator will visit your home.
  • What is the role of the local vs federal government? 
    The census is executed in collaboration between federal, state and local governments; in partnership with cities and community partners. The funding of census efforts is likewise shared. The Census Bureau, which is funded by Congress, is ultimately responsible for conducting Census 2020. Local efforts are focused on education, awareness and promotion of Census 2020.

    You can find contact information for our regional Census Bureau office here.

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