Everyone Counts

As we respond to the spread of COVID-19 in our community, it becomes even more important to have a complete count in the 2020 Census. Why? It is thanks to past census data that we have the health infrastructure that is in place today. 

North Carolina receives billions of dollars in federal funding each year for programs like Medicaid, Medicare, child health insurance and nutrition assistance. In addition, new healthcare facilities are opened using census data to place them where they will be most needed. 

The census count that we are taking right now will impact our community planning for the next 10 years. Census data will help us in the future as we work to recover from the impacts of this crisis. Learn more at 2020census.gov and respond now.

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Tracking Responses 

Check to see how Wake County is responding to the 2020 Census here. Our countywide goal is 82%.

You can access Wake County's app to track response rates here. It is updated weekly. 

The Latest: Paper Questionnaires 

About 64 million households across the nation are receiving a paper questionnaire in the coming days as the U.S. Census Bureau continues to ensure responding to the census is easier than ever. Of the nation’s households, 46.2% have already responded to the 2020 Census. The remaining households will receive a paper questionnaire. 

Why is the Census Important? 

Results are used to help determine:

  • How more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to states and communities. These funds are spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs.
  • The number of seats each state gets in Congress.
  • How state and local officials draw boundaries for congressional districts, state legislative districts and school districts.

It’s critical that you’re counted. You have three options to respond.

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