Will CCBI provide certified copies of arrest records?
CCBI will provide a certified copy of an arrest record for a fee of $15 per name searched. CCBI's online public database provides the same information that will be provided on a certified record check. This record check is limited to Wake County arrests occurring since April 27, 2007, and only for offenses determined to be fingerprintable by North Carolina General Statutes. CCBI recommends individuals requiring a certified criminal records check to do so through the Wake County Clerk of Court for a more comprehensive record that also includes dispositions.
Those requesting certified copies of arrest records from CCBI should do so by mail at the address below with an accompanying check or money order for $15 per name searched. Those desiring to acquire a copy in person must make an appointment through our scheduling system found on our Fingerprint Services page.


Attn: Arrest Records
3301 Hammond Road
Raleigh, NC 27603

I have been told that the NC SBI did not receive my prints, what do I do?
If the prints were electronically submitted by CCBI at the time of service, call 919-856-6300 and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives, who can verify that the prints were or were not submitted. If you were provided a fingerprint card at the time of service, we will be unable to confirm if the prints were submitted to the NC SBI.

I received a letter or email indicating that the NC SBI rejected my prints based on the quality of the prints; what do I do?
Many people have prints that are not conducive to the quality necessary for a successful fingerprint submission. Many factors that are outside of the control of our staff members influence the quality of the fingerprints collected, to include age, amount of moisture on the skin, dry skin, scars, wrinkles, etc.

At the time of service, CCBI may be aware that the prints are low quality and will relay that information to you; however, as CCBI is not the entity responsible for completing the background investigation, we cannot decisively guarantee the acceptance of the prints for background purposes. If you received a letter or email indicating that the prints were rejected based on the quality of the fingerprints submitted, bring a copy of that documentation, and we will reprint you at no cost.

I recently obtained my fingerprints and have since found out that I need additional fingerprint cards; do I have to pay again?
Schedule another appointment within 10 days of the original service and we will complete additional prints at our additional print rate of $5 per fingerprint card. The physical day scheduled does not have to be within 10 days of the original service date; however, another appointment must have been placed on the scheduler within 10 days of the original service date.

I need fingerprints submitted to another state; what do I do?
CCBI can only submit fingerprints electronically to the NC SBI for North Carolina background checks. If the state in question will allow the submission of physical fingerprint cards, we can provide you a fingerprint card for that purpose, but we do not submit the fingerprint card for you.

I want my photograph and arrest data removed from the CCBI Criminal Arrest Record Portal and/or commercial entities who have published the data; what do I do?
Criminal arrest records maintained by CCBI are defined as public record under N.C.G.S. §132-1.4 and may not be deleted from our records absent the receipt and processing of a valid Petition and Order for Expunction or other authorized court order. For more information regarding the expunction process or offenses that qualify for an Order for Expunction see Article 5 of Section 15A: Criminal Procedures Act of the North Carolina General Statutes.

CCBI has made available all arrest information authorized to be released by N.C. General Statute at no charge on our website for those seeking such information in order to provide for the most efficient and cost effective delivery of services. This information is publicly accessible and CCBI does not track access to this site, nor does CCBI have any control over how the information is used. Should private or commercial entities choose to publish or otherwise distribute that information, any requests for the removal of such information should be directed to the publishing entity.