All CCBI arrest records are available through the CCBI Criminal Arrest Records Portal below.
CCBI maintains records of Wake County arrest data only for offenses outlined in North Carolina General Statute § 15A-502.  CCBI criminal arrest records are available dating back to April 27, 2007. 
See CCBI's Criminal Arrest Record Portal located on the Public Services homepage for free, online access to CCBI's criminal arrest record database.
CCBI arrest data does not include current case status or case dispositions.  Additionally, CCBI does not maintain charge or arrest data resulting from infractions, citations or traffic offenses that do not meet the criteria of the statute listed above.
Comprehensive Wake County arrest data, to include case dispositions, case status, infractions, citations and traffic offenses, may be obtained from the Wake County Clerk of Superior Court's Office. 
*To obtain a certified copy of a single-county criminal record, contact the Clerk of Superior Court’s office for that county. The fee is $25 for a certified copy, and may be paid by money order, credit card, or certified check. You may request a certified copy using Form AOC-CR-314.  Fill the form out online, print it, and mail it to the correct Clerk’s office. To request a Wake County Criminal Record Check, mail the form, along with payment, to:

            Wake County Clerk of Court
            P.O. Box 351
            Raleigh, NC 27602
            ATTN: Record Checks
*To search the statewide criminal database, you may use the public computer terminals located in Room 1000 of the Wake County Clerk’s Office in the Wake County Justice Center located at 300 S. Salisbury St. in downtown Raleigh. Please note that these searches are not certified.

The Wake County Clerk of Court’s Office is located on the first floor of the Wake County Justice Center at 300 S. Salisbury St., Raleigh, 919-792-4300. See the following link for instructions for obtaining a Wake County Criminal Record.