Message from the Director

As the Director of CCBI, I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to lead a law enforcement agency with a long history of excellence. As I look toward the future of CCBI, I see an agency that will continue to grow to meet the needs of the Wake County law enforcement community. Several of the goals and objectives we established earlier to meet the demands of this growth have come to fruition. One such addition, which is now operational, is a palm print database that will be used to search latent palm prints recovered from the scene of a crime. With the current AFIS database, the search of latent prints discovered at a crime scene is limited to fingerprints only. The addition of this new technology will provide a substantial increase in the number of cases solved by latent print identification.
Sweeping organizational and procedural changes throughout CCBI have been made to increase our efficiency in such areas as decreasing the response times to requests for service calls, arrestee processing, and support services. Three separate divisions have been formed to accommodate these needs.
These divisions have been identified as the Support Services Division, Investigations Division, and the Crime Lab Division. A Deputy Director, who reports directly to the Director, heads each division.
The Support Services Division is responsible for our front lobby service representatives, civilian fingerprinting requests, and central files.  Also, within the Support Services Division is the Processing Unit that is assigned the task of fingerprinting, data entry, and record keeping of everyone arrested inside Wake County.  Procedural changes within the Processing Unit have increased the safety and security of not only the employees but also that of the arresting officers and their arrestees.  Additional changes within the Processing Unit are now in place that will not only monitor off-road processing time of officers but will also help us to determine if our goal of returning officers to the street expeditiously is being met.  
In the Investigations Division, four squads, each consisting of one supervisor and four agents, have been formed to improve the response times to crime scenes as well as to improve efficiency after arrival at crime scenes.
The Crime Lab Division consists of the latent print examiners, that are responsible for latent print examination as well as shoe and tire impression examination, the drug chemist, forensic computer examiner, forensic photographer, and the evidence technician. 
CCBI is fortunate to have a staff of highly trained and dedicated employees who are committed to providing a high standard of excellence in the field of forensic science. CCBI pledges to continue to set high standards and strive for excellence in crime scene investigation and forensic analysis.
Salvatore (Sam) J. Pennica