Message from the Director

As the Director of CCBI, I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to lead a unique criminal justice agency that  has maintained a sustained history of excellence since its beginning in 1937.  As I look toward the future of CCBI, I perceive an agency that will continue to embrace advances in technology in an effort to better serve the citizens of Wake County.
In May of 2012, CCBI relocated to a new secure, state-of-the-art facility, occupying 54,000 square feet, that will serve the citizens and law enforcement of Wake County for many years to come.  In January 2014, the CCBI Crime Laboratory achieved ISO/IEO 17025 accreditation through the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board.  This accreditation is vital to the long-term integrity and long-term operation of the Crime Laboratory.  Additionally, the accreditation ensures that forensic evidence is analyzed using the highest quality standards possible.  Currently, CCBI is actively pursuing  ISO/IEO 17020 accreditation for our Investigations Division to ensure that our crime scene investigation practices and procedures continue to meet the highest standards available.  
Sweeping organizational and procedural changes have been made throughout CCBI which have streamlined processes and allowed for a more strategic and efficient organization.  Also, goals have been set to increase the efficiency in areas of crime scene response time, arrestee booking, evidence analysis, and citizen services. 
CCBI is fortunate to have a staff of highly skilled and dedicated employees who are committed to strive for perfection while setting the highest standards in crime scene investigation, forensic analysis of evidence, and the collection of criminal arrest information.
Salvatore (Sam) J. Pennica

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