CCBI Property Crime Technicians investigate property crime scenes located in or initiated within Wake County. These crime scenes may include larcenies from auto, burglaries, and breaking-and-entering calls. Property Crime Technicians identify, gather and maintain physical evidence; process and test evidence in a laboratory setting using different chemicals and equipment; prepare detailed written reports; and testify in court.


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A position description listing the details of this position is available here. The CCBI career path for Property Crime Technicians may include:

  • CCBI Crime Scene Agent
  • CCBI Senior Crime Scene Agent
  • CCBI Investigations Division Supervisor
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Applicants must have, at a minimum, an associate's degree in Criminal Justice, Natural/Forensic Science or a related field. Current working knowledge of CCBI policies and procedures is preferred. CCBI routinely employs applicants with prior crime scene investigation experience from other agencies or selects current CCBI employees with relevant experience for promotion to the Property Crimes Technician position. The Property Crime Technician position is a civilian position.

Property Crime Technicians complete a four-month supervised field training program.  They are provided numerous training opportunities related to crime scene investigation and evidence processing techniques.
Property Crime Technicians work rotating shifts. Shifts regularly rotate between day shift and evening shift; there are no permanent shift assignments. The Property Crime Technician schedule is designed specifically to provide adequate coverage during periods of increased call volume. This work schedule includes working on weekends and holidays. Property Crime Technicians are issued and wear a uniform during work hours.
This position is considered an Evidence Technician position in pay Band 6 for Wake County. CCBI uses the Evidence Technician position for three different functions within the agency. As such, job postings will be titled Evidence Technician while the job duties section will specifically identify responding to property crime investigations. Information about Wake County benefits is available on the Wake County Employment Benefits page.