Identification Technicians work in CCBI's Criminal Identification Unit. Identification Technicians obtain demographic information from arrestees, fingerprint arrestees and collect DNA samples from arrestees.

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Identification Technicians perform the critical function of verifying arrestee identification information and entering that information into a variety of law enforcement databases. Identification Technicians interact with arresting officers, probation officers, detention staff and magistrates.
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A position description listing the details of this position is available here:Identification Technician.pdfIdentification Technician. The CCBI career path for Identification Technicians may include:

  • CCBI Identification Technician
  • CCBI Senior Identification Technician
  • CCBI Criminal Identification Unit Supervisor
  • CCBI Identification Technician
  • CCBI Property Crimes Technician
  • CCBI Crime Scene Agent
  • CCBI Investigations Supervisor
  • CCBI Identification Technician
  • CCBI Forensic Technician
  • CCBI Forensic Examiner
  • CCBI Forensic Supervisor

Applicants must have, at a minimum, a high school diploma. A bachelor's degree with a Natural or Forensic Science concentration is strongly preferred over criminal justice degrees and applicants are routinely screened using this criteria. Selected applicants for the Identification Technician position routinely possess a master's or bachelor's degree with a forensic-related concentration and have a desire to pursue a career in forensics. The Identification Technician position is CCBI's entry-level position for those applicants having no previous work experience in forensics with the intent of "getting their foot in the door."

Identification Technicians receive training in the analysis and comparison of fingerprints for the purposes of identification. Identification Technicians routinely perform special assignments to assist other divisions within CCBI. CCBI is committed to career growth and regularly promotes Identification Technicians within the agency for open positions.

Identification Technicians work 12-hour rotating shifts. Shifts regularly rotate between day shift and night shift; there are no permanent shift assignments. This work schedule requires working on weekends, night shifts and holidays. Employees are issued and wear uniforms during work hours.

This position is considered a Pay Band 5 for Wake County. Entry-level Identification Technicians are compensated based on education and experience. CCBI has a graduated compensation schedule for qualifications exceeding the minimum requirements. Applicants possessing a bachelor's degree with no previous relevant experience can expect an hourly compensation 4% above the minimum starting salary outlined in Pay Band 5.

Information about Wake County benefits is available on the Wake County Employment Benefits page.