Forensic Technicians assist the Latent Fingerprint Unit by organizing latent print case files, entering latent print evidence into various databases, and preparing case files for assignment. Forensic Technicians perform latent evidence database searching and may assist with the collection of post-mortem print impressions from deceased individuals.


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A position description listing the details of this position is available here. The CCBI career path for Forensic Technicians may include:

  • CCBI Forensic Technician
  • CCBI Forensic Examiner
  • CCBI Forensic Supervisor
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Applicants must have, at a minimum, an associate's degree in Criminal Justice, Natural/Forensic Science or a related field. A bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, Natural/Forensic Science or a related field and two years of experience in the science of fingerprint identification, forensic evidence collection, or crime scene investigation is preferred. CCBI seeks applicants with prior fingerprint comparison experience for the Forensic Technician position and gives preference to internal applicants possessing relevant experience and desiring a career in latent print examination.
Forensic Technicians work regular business hours, Monday through Friday.
This position is considered an Evidence Technician position in pay Band 6 for Wake County. CCBI uses the Evidence Technician position for three different functions within the agency. As such, job postings will be titled Evidence Technician while the job duties section will specifically identify latent print responsibilities. Information about Wake County benefits is available on the Wake County Employment Benefits page.