CCBI Crime Scene Agents investigate crime scenes located in or initiated within Wake County. They identify, gather and maintain physical evidence; process and test evidence in a laboratory setting using different chemicals and equipment; prepare detailed written reports; and testify in court.

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A position description listing the details of this position is available here. The CCBI career path for Crime Scene Agents may include:
  • CCBI Senior Crime Scene Agent
  • CCBI Investigations Division Supervisor

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CCBI offers Crime Scene Agent positions that are either civilian or sworn law enforcement. CCBI will maintain the sworn law enforcement status of successful applicants who carried a current North Carolina law enforcement certification at the time of application with CCBI.

Applicants must have, at a minimum, an associate's degree in Criminal Justice, Natural/Forensic Science or a related field and two years' experience in crime scene investigation, forensic evidence collection, or law enforcement investigation. Wake County recognizes education and experience as equivalent factors; however, selected applicants routinely possess a bachelor's degree or master's degree with a forensic concentration and prior crime scene investigation experience.

CCBI Crime Scene Agents are required to obtain and maintain certification through the International Association for Identification as a Crime Scene Investigator within eighteen (18) months of employment. CCBI Crime Scene Agents undergo an extensive field training program and attend numerous trainings related to crime scene investigation, evidence collection, death investigation, and other specialized forensic courses. Additionally, Crime Scene Agents are often assigned specific forensic specialties requiring extensive training such as shooting reconstruction, serial number restoration, blood stain pattern analysis, entomology and osteology.

Crime Scene Agents work twelve (12)-hour rotating shifts. Shifts regularly rotate between day shift and night shift; there are no permanent shift assignments. This work schedule includes working on weekends, night shifts and holidays. Agents are issued and wear uniforms during work hours.

This position is considered a pay Band 8 for Wake County. Information about Wake County benefits is available on the Wake County Employment Benefits page.