Volunteer Program

CCBI does not maintain a volunteer program due to the specialized and sensitive nature of the work performed.

Internship Program


CCBI’s internship program has been facilitated to enhance the educational quality of those seeking to enter the forensic or criminal justice profession as well as assisting the recruitment efforts of CCBI by identifying ethical and qualified individuals devoted to pursuing a career in forensic science.

Who qualifies for an internship?

Internships are conducted in conjunction with an academic program established by a university or college for students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree.  All fields of academic discipline that are applicable to the work performed at CCBI will be considered to include forensic related degrees as well as criminal justice degrees. A student must be actively enrolled in an accredited school at the time of the internship and such internship must be required by the intern’s academic institution as a requirement of graduation.
Notice: Preference will be given to applicants enrolled in programs related to forensic science.

What are the requirements of a CCBI intern?

Interns must be a minimum of 18 years old prior to the start of the internship program.  Interns participating in the CCBI internship program must physically complete a minimum of 120 hours of work.   Additional hours may be completed as required by the educational institution.   Interns must work complete shifts according to the Division they are assigned to work.  Shifts range from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.  Additionally, interns will be required to work two (2) complete night shifts from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. during the program.  Interns must keep regular attendance in accordance with the developed schedule.
Interns must comply with all CCBI policies and the dress code. (Applicable policies and procedures will be reviewed with the intern upon beginning the program.)
Additional requirements may be found in the CCBI Internship Program Policy.

What will I do as a CCBI intern?

The intern will be exposed to the three Divisions of CCBI during the internship program.  The three Divisions and expected duties are as follow:
Support Services Division:
While assigned to the Support Services Division, interns will learn and assist the Criminal Identification Unit staff in fingerprinting and photographing arrestees brought into the Wake County Detention Center. This process will teach interns the importance of collecting accurate criminal arrest data while exposing them to the basics of fingerprint identifications. Additionally, interns will work with CCBI’s Central Records Manager to assist in the maintenance of CCBI’s case filing and the discovery process.
Crime Laboratory Division:
Interns will spend time with the various units of the Crime Laboratory to include the Latent Print Examination Unit, the Drug Chemistry Unit, the DWI Blood Chemistry Unit, and the Forensic Photography Unit. The intern will gain an understanding of how evidence is analyzed in an Accredited Crime Laboratory and how these services directly impact the criminal justice system. This experience will also expose the intern to the processes and environment of a forensic crime laboratory.
Investigations Division:
Interns will be provided the opportunity to ride with our crime scene investigators to a wide variety of crime scenes ranging from car break-ins up to and possibly including deceased person investigations. Interns will also be exposed to the forensic chemical processing and enhancement  of evidentiary items recovered at crime scenes. Please note: Interns assigned to the Investigations Division are required to sign a waiver of liability before participating in any ride along and must wear a provided ballistic vest in accordance with CCBI policies when not within the CCBI facility.  Additionally, interns are not authorized on the scene of any homicide investigation

How do I apply?

Download and complete this application. Deadlines for applications are June 1 for the fall semester, October 1 for the spring semester, and March 1 for the summer semester. Completed applications must be faxed or mailed to the CCBI Internship Coordinator as listed on the application prior to the appropriate deadline.
***The 2019 Spring Semester application submission deadline has closed.  Accepting applications for the 2019 Summer Semester.*** 

What is the selection process?

After the listed deadline, all intern applicants will be notified of their consideration by email.  Applications received will be screened and ranked by degree type and degree program.
A preliminary background will be completed on applicants to include a criminal history check and a driving records check.
Selected applicants will undergo an interview board process.  Those applicants not selected for an interview will be notified.  CCBI only accepts two (2) interns per semester.  All remaining applicants will be notified at the conclusion of the interview board process as to the status of their consideration for the internship program.
A background investigation will be completed on the selected candidates to include:
  • Employment history check
  • Reference check
  • An online check of the applicant (Applicants may be requested to disclose any social media accounts and a review of any online information associated with the applicant.)
  • Any other information deemed necessary by the background investigator
Upon the successful completion of the background investigation, the applicant will be provided an Internship Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), to be signed by themselves and an authorized faculty member of the sponsoring institution, and must forward the signed MOU to the CCBI Internship Coordinator prior to a start date.
  • All intern applicants selected for the CCBI Internship Program will be required to successfully complete a pre-internship drug screening. 
The Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.