Capital facilities and adequate infrastructure are critical for the County's continuing growth. Wake County has a proud legacy of long-term planning to serve current and future generations of citizens.

Wake County's capital program is funded through a variety of sources including transfer from the general fund (cash), general obligation bonds, and other sources of debt financing. The CIP also includes funding from the Fire Tax, Major Facilities Fund, and the Solid Waste Fund. Some sources of funding, like the portion of sales tax devoted to WCPSS capital, are the result of state statutes. Other sources are in accordance with the Board of Commissioners' financial policies, such as the devotion of 19.90 cents of the property tax rate to be transferred to fund current and future capital expenditures and debt service payments.

Typically, capital expenditures are for facilities or projects that cost $100,000 or more and that require longer than one year to complete. The acquisition of land is also considered a capital expenditure, even if the land is acquired to preserve Open Space, and not designated as part of a capital improvement project.