​On November 7, 2000, voters approved $535 million in three bond referenda for public school construction, criminal justice facility construction, and open space acquisition.

School Construction
The Wake County Public School System presented voters with Plan 2000, a $550 million plan that provides for:

  • 14 new schools (eight elementary, four middle, one high and one special/optional) through 2004 ($239 million)
  • major renovations at 32 schools and minor improvements at 64 schools, for a total of 96 schools affected ($284.1 million)
  • advance funding for land purchases and planning for future schools ($21.4 million)
  • program contingency ($5.5 million)

Criminal Justice
Wake County asked voters to authorize $20 million in bonds to expand the Hammond Road Criminal Justice Facility complex over the next several years. At that time, the County’s jail was seriously overcrowded, and projections showed that the facility needed to be expanded by 664 beds by 2003. We had planned to add these beds in two phases: the first would add 248, and the next, 416.

Open Space
Wake County voters approved $15 million to acquire land for open space preservation. This program is designed to preserve lands such as forests, meadows, fields, wetlands, floodplains and other areas that are to remain relatively undisturbed. The top priority is to protect and improve water quality by safeguarding lakes, rivers and streams.

Bond update 2001

Referenda 2000 - A Report to the Public Nov 2001